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After-sale description
Elevatorseller.com will ship according to the address and information submitted by the members. Before each shipment, we will carefully check the products to make sure they are consistent with the order. In the following cases, please contact us in time. We will try our best to provide high-quality after-sales service for each member.

Q1: Do your products have quality assurance?
A: We have been providing high-quality elevator parts for customers all over the world. Elevator parts in sale are all from OEM manufacturers. Every single product has quality assurance with ID Code.

Q2: What if I can't find the elevator parts I need?
A: Don't worry, please email us, we will reply and offer the quotation within 24 hours. It is our aim to service each customer well.

Q3: What if the products i received were inconsistent with the order?
A: If members received the products but found them inconsistent with the order, please contact our online staff in time and explain the details. Elevatorseller.com will resend the products for you as soon as possible!

Q4: What if I didn't receive the goods or i was informed by shipping company that the products have been lost already?
A: If members have not received the goods or were informed by shipping company that the products have been lost already, please contact our online staff immediately. Elevatorseller.com will solve the problem for you!

Q5: What if i want to return or replace the products after receiving them?
A: We offer 30 days free Return and Exchange policy for all order. Please contact our online staff in advance to explain the details and requirements of return or replacement.

Receipt note: The consignee has the obligation to receive the products in time after the products are delivered to them, and they must sign personally. If it is replaced by another person, it will be regarded as the recipient of the consignee and we will not take any responsibility for the loss or damage of the products.